Guidelines and Procedures

 1099 Reporting Requirements

 Account Codes - List
 Account Codes - Definitions
 Advance Payments
 Annual Physical Inventories of Assets

 Bank Accounts
 Banner Finance Access

 Check Request
 Confirming Purchases
 Conflict of Interest
 Consultant Services
 Contractual Services
 Correspondence with vendors
 Currency Exchange

 Delivery within the Fiscal Year
 Departmental Activity Reconciliation Procedures
 Disposition of Fixed Assets
 Dual Employment

 Emergency Purchases
 Evaluation of Equipment for Vendors
 Expediting, Follow-up and Transaction Inquiries
 Federal Excise and State Sales Taxes
 Federal Surplus Property - Purchase or acquisition
 Fly America Act/U.S.Flag Air Carriers
 Food and Beverage Purchases

 Gift Cards in Lieu of Payments

 Honoraria Payments Statement

 Journal Entry Guidelines

 Motor Fleet Vehicles

 Moving Expense Workbook

 Obtaining Excess Government Equipment
 Payment of Membership Dues
 Petty Cash Purchases
 Physical Plant - Emergency Service Request
 Procurement Card Manual
 Product and Service Demonstration by Vendors
 Purchase and Rental of Office Machines
 Purchase Authorization, Purchase Commitments/Unauthorized Purchases
 Purchase of Air Conditioning Units
 Purchase of Christmas Decorations and Greeting Cards
 Purchase of Flowers
 Purchase of Live Animals for Research
 Purchase of Office and Lounge Furniture, Furnishings, Carpet and Draperies
 Purchase of Personal Convenience Items
 Purchase of Refreshments, Sundries, etc.
 Purchase of Subscriptions and Periodicals
 Purchase of Used Equipment
 Purchasing Procedures

 Records Retention and Disposition
 Removal of University Asset(s) from University Property
 Rental and Lease of Equipment
 Repair of In-Warranty Equipment
 Repair of Office Machines not covered by Service Contracts
 Replacement of Lost or Stolen Checks
 Responsibility for Supplies and Equipment after Purchase

 Sales/Use Tax Exemption
 State Purchase Contracts - Use of 
 Student Payment and Reporting

 Transfer of Equipment from Campus 
 Trust Fund Guidelines

 University Travel Card
 University Travel