Delivery Within the Fiscal Year


The statutes of the State of North Carolina require that unexpended appropriated funds be reverted to the State at the end of the fiscal year unless special permission is given by the State Budget Division to carry them forward to the next fiscal year. State policy additionally requires delivery before payment can be made for goods or services.


In order to obtain delivery before the end of the fiscal the following procedure must be followed:

Since delivery on many equipment items may require as much as 60 days or more, orders must be placed as early in the year as it is possible to anticipate the need. This does not preclude placing purchase orders late in the fiscal year, but if delivery cannot be made before June 30, payment will be from the next year's budget.

Delivery for Next Fiscal Year

Departments anticipating the need for supplies or equipment to be delivered after July 1, and to be charged against the next year's budgeted funds may process purchase request prior to June 30, provided that the request carry the notation, "For Delivery Within New Fiscal Year, To Be Charged Against New Year's Budget." The purchase request will be encumbered against next year's funds immediately after July 1, provided delivery is not received prior to July 1.