Human Resources


As trusted strategic partners, the Division of Human Resources' expert consultants advance the University's mission by building talent and developing culture across our campus community.

Core Values

The values of Human Resources are built on a foundation for the university community to SEEK Human Resources as the expert in human capital management. The Division Human Resources at North Carolina A&T is committed to serving as a strategic partner by providing comprehensive Service, Excellence, Engagement and Knowledge to the University community. It is our desire to support a culture of uncompromising expectation that will enable the University to attract, retain and develop faculty and staff of the future. This will empower us to more clearly understand and more effectively deal with the significant social, economic and global challenges that are necessary to achieve the bold vision of the University.For this reason, we value:

Service - HR understands and values the importance of providing fast, personalized services that are accurate and consistent for those whom we serve.

Excellence - HR strives for excellence in all we do, recognizing that anything less diminishes the quality of service provided to our faculty, administrators, staff and students.

Engagement & Culture - HR is reminded that engagement reflects the core of the culture and heightens it through transparency, empowerment and equitable and fair practices. HR strives to provide services and opportunities for all.

Knowledge - HR is dedicated to being experts in the field of Human Resources, serving as a consultant and guide to policies and best practices. 

 DHR Strategic Plan



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