Separating From N.C. A&T - Things You Should Know

In support and alignment of Preeminence 2020, through the Division of Human Resources’ (DHR) Strategic Plan, Goals I & IV of transforming processes and sustaining efficiency and effectiveness, we have created a streamlined process for tracking resignations and retirements. Prior to the new process, we were using a paper-based system. The online exit survey will greatly streamline the process, increase efficiency, reduce inaccuracies and provide an easy method for employees to report when they choose to resign or retire. An added benefit is that the data entered by employees will pre-populate onto a spreadsheet, which can then be analyzed and help us with employee retention and recruitment.

Effective immediately, all faculty and staff should be directed to use the online Notification of Resignation/Retirement Form for notifying the university of your voluntary resignation, including for retirement notification. All permanent employees (SHRA and EHRA, faculty and staff) must complete the online exit survey immediately AFTER you have informed your direct supervisor, either verbally or in writing of your intent to leave your position. If this form is not received in a timely manner, it may impact the payout of applicable leave balances, or impact your benefits. Faculty members: please follow all other required steps in the Faculty Handbook.

Completion of this form indicates that faculty and staff have informed their supervisors regarding their resignation, who will, in turn, complete the property clearance form and the Internal Salary Audit Form (EHRA employees) or PD-400 (SHRA employees) and send to DHR. An easy-to-follow flowchart is accessible as well.

For questions about this form, or the separation process, please feel free to contact the Division of Human Resources at 336-285-3773.

Medical Benefits:

Your Health Benefits are paid a month in advance. Therefore, depending on the date of separation, your health coverage with BCBS may continue through the month following separation for example:

1. Separation between the 1st thru 15th of the month – your health coverage will end the last day of the current month of separation:

May 1st thru 15th, coverage ends May 31st

2. Separation between the 16th thru 31st of the month – coverage will continue until the last day of the following month:

May 16th thru 31st, coverage ends June 30th

Flexible Benefits:

If you work less than half of the work days in the month of your anticipated separation, your NC Flex benefits coverage will expire on the last day of the preceding month. If you work half, or more than half, of the work days in the month of your anticipated separation, your NC Flex benefits coverage will expire on the last day of that month, for example:

May 1st thru 31st, coverage ends May 31st

Flexible Benefits Include: Dental, Vision, Life, Cancer, Critical Illness, Flex/Dependent Spending Accts, Accidental and Disability Coverage.
You can elect to continue some flex benefits – contact a benefits counselor for more information.


Your Retirement Benefits are fully vested after 5 years of employment. That means that after 5 years of employment at the University, you keep your contribution along with the contribution made by UNC system. You have the following options:

  • Take your retirement at the time of separation as a cash out or roll-over to another retirement plan
  • Cash out completely and pay the IRS penalties if not full age of retirement
  • Combination of both cash out & roll over of some of the money.

These details and the necessary forms are available with a benefits counselor in The Division of Human Resources, 336-285-3789.


If you leave University service for employment external to the State system, or for personal reasons, you will be paid for up to 240 hours of unused vacation leave and for any unused bonus leave hours. Any unused sick leave balance will not be paid but will remain on record for a five (5) year period. Should you return to State service within that period of time, your sick leave balance will be reinstated.

If you are transferring to another NC state agency or university, please contact the Benefits office for specific information regarding the impact to your leave benefits –  336-285-3789.

Supporting Documents:

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