Physical Plant

Physical Plant provides exceptional service to efficiently operate, maintain and enhance University landscape and facilities.  We strive to provide a safe and effective environment for students, faculty, staff and other customers who visit our University.  Our employees are highly motivated, well-trained and team-oriented professionals who are vital contributors to this organization and the University’s success.

Here at Physical Plant, we provide a wide range of services, from small project management assistance to operating and maintaining campus facilities. If you require a service, click work request to request service.

DeHuguley Physical Plant Address
1601 East Market Street * Greensboro, NC 27411

Emergency - Dispatch Number: 336.285.4530
General Number:   336.285.4500
After Working Hours Contact: 336.334.7675
Fax  Number:   336.256.2575

Phsyical Plant Areas

The carpentry department is responsible for the following:

  • Hanging bulletin boards, cork boards, pictures, etc will now be handled by outside contractors.
  • Ceiling tile replacements should be placed to carpenter shop.
  • Carpenters do not assemble or make furniture.
  • Broken door hinges will be handled by the carpenter shop.
  • Carpenters will no longer install door stops due to EHS regulations.
  • Carpenters will cut door stop blocks.  Please do not use any other objects to hold doors open.
  • Carpenters erect stages, and will set up pipe and drape for special events.  They will also move the mechanical bleachers in and out.

This department is also responsible for roof maintenance and repair. 

Name Position Email Phone
Richard A. Coll Carpentry Supervisor
Antonio Rozier Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4536
Donald Crosby 2nd Shift Supervisor 336.285.4538
Frank Fisher Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4538
Leonard Williams Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4538

Call the Dispatch Office at 285-4530 for all emergency repairs during regular working day. The appropriate craft/unit will be dispatched to address repairs.  For regular routine services and inquiring about status of work orders, please call 285-4530.  As of October 1, 2014 Request For Service Forms will no longer be accepted unless the online system is inoperable. 

 If you need to email diagrams, pictures, or additional documentation for your work orders you may email them to or .

Non-Emergency work orders that are submitted after 2:00PM, will be responded to on the next business day or in order of priority. 

Name Position Email Phone
Monica Dudley Admin. Support 336.285.4530
Gabrielle M. Davis Admin. Support 336.285.4531


  • Electrical emergencies consist of power outages.
  • Electricians will replace ballasts.  Make sure the housekeepers have replaced the bulbs before reporting a blown ballast.
  • If you anticipate installing new equipment please let the electricians know ahead of time to make sure there is electrical capacity to power it.
Name Position Email Phone
Albert Holness Electrical Supervisor 336.285.4539
Curtis Beckett Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4540
James Theodore Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4540
Danny Royal Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4540
James Olivo Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4540
Brandon Compton Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4540


The Grounds Department plants and maintains our beautiful grounds impressing students and parents with its beauty.

This department is also responsible for trash removal, schedules moving and hauling of items on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and setup for special events.

Moving and Hauling Concerns:

  1.  Since the shut-down of the Union, there are no table and chairs to deliver for departmental functions.  Most departments have obtained chairs and tables from the Union and store them in their buildings.  Moving and hauling does not set up these tables and chairs for departmental events since we no longer are required to deliver this material. 
  2. We need a 2 week notice to schedule your small moves.  The moving and hauling crew are also the grounds maintenance crew and their first priority is lawn maintenance.  We need time to schedule all moving and hauling requests.  Supervisor will visit the requester and schedule request based on your schedule and his/her schedule.
  3. Departments that order large equipment and or sensitive equipment—Moving and hauling does not move. Department should arrange with the company delivery and set up.
  4. Moving and hauling supervisor will evaluate each move to assess if the job can be done in a safe manner.  It is up to the department to decline a request.  We will leave you with a few vendors that you could contact.
  5.  File cabinets/Desks/etc… –should be emptied before moving.
  6. Moving and Hauling does not provide boxes.
  7. For all surplus items you must contact Property Management 285-45**.  We do not surplus items.
  8. Grounds/Moving and Hauling have a rotating shift.  6am-3pm and 7am-4pm.  You are required to provide a budget code and pay for any overtime after our normal shift hours.
  9. Moving and Hauling is not equipped to do large moves.  These should be arranged with an outside vendor such as Two Men and A Truck.  Supervisor will evaluate each request to determine if the department can fulfill the request.
  10. Moving and Hauling does not unpack equipment, furniture, etc…  We recommend departments coordinate with the vendor for those types of requests.

Grounds concerns:

  1. All tree Punning request will be handled in the fall unless deemed a hazard.
  2. Keep gators parked off of the grass.  This makes it difficult to maintain lawn.  Departments should prepare parking for gators that do not block doors.  (ex. Fund concrete approved pads and drives for all utility vehicles).
  3. Gators—those departments with utility vehicles please be mindful of the paths that you create in the grass by using the same path and the ruts you cause when driving in grass when the grounds are wet/soft.  Create dirt roads within the manicured lawns.  By taking different routes when you must be on the grass will help drastically.  However when you can use a sidewalk or road that is preferable.  It may take longer but preferable.  Also be mindful of irrigation water heads.  Repairs are costly from gator/vehicle damage.

Problems that ruts causes if not repaired:  Ruts damages lawn mower equipment, damages sprinkler heads, injures employees, etc…

Name Position Email Phone
Janice Martin Bldg. Environ. Services Mgr. 336.256.2380
Mike Jacobs Bldg. Environ. Services Supv.
Deborah Jones Bldg. Environ. Services Supv.
Jeff Taylor Bldg. Environ. Services Supv.


The steam plant provides heat and hot water for showers, labs, and the cafeteria. The steam plant runs 24/7. We repair steam leaks in underground lines and run smaller boilers in the summer to save on energy and costs.

Name Position Email Phone
Richy Richmond Utility Plant Oper. Supervisor 336.285.4583

  • Know the housekeepers in your building and build a good rapport.
  • If you are having a special event in your building, please make sure you include housekeeping and hours needed.
  • Let housekeeping know when ahead of time when people will be moving in and out of offices.
  • Please keep areas clear of unneeded or unused equipment to allow housekeepers to clean properly.
Name Position Email Phone
Millicent Hopkins Bldg. Environmental Services Mgr. 336.256.2381
Shaun Miller HSKP Zone Manager 336.339.8386
Wendell Gilyard HSKP Zone Manager 336.256.2751
Marcus Carpenter HSKP Zone Manager 336.256.2751
Sharon Ross HSKP Zone Manager 336.256.2751


Housing Maintenance manages the maintenance and repair of all residential life buildings.

Name Position Email Phone
Mitchell Trice Housing Supervisor 336.285.4588
Joe Striblin Facility Maint. Tech 336.285.4588

The HVAC department uses computerized equipment to monitor building temperatures in University buildings.

  • HVAC emergencies consist of leaks from units or within the system.
  • 75º and up is too hot & 68º and under is too cold by university standards.  If a room or building is out of these ranges please let us know.
  • Open windows decrease efficiency of the units and systems and increase cost.
Name Position Email Phone
Anton Anghelescu HVAC Supervisor 336.285.4539
George Boat Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4545
Charles Watkins Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4545
Bennie Johnson Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4545

  • If you are locked out of your office please see your Department Head, Building Representative, or a housekeeper.  If they are not available the Locksmiths will assist.
  • Key requests and lock changes no longer need to be faxed.  All lock change or key requests will need to be verified through the Building Representative.
  • Locksmiths handle broken locks, door closures, and door knobs.
  • If a key swipe is not responding call Aggie OneCard 334-7114.
Name Position Email Phone
Kendall Blackwell Locksmith Supervisor 336.285.4543
Marcos Marino Locksmith 336.285.4543


A fleet of cars, three minivans, a 15-passenger and a 12-passenger van are available for approved travel based on a first come first served basis.

A signed Vehicle Request Form is required at least 3 days in advance of the travel.

Name Position Email Phone
Vacant  Motor Fleet Veh. Cood. 336.285.4591

Request for Service form must be submitted for routine and preventative pest control services.  It may be faxed to 334-7214.

 For emergency pest control, call Dispatch at 285-4530 between 8-5pm or the University Police at 334-7675 after hours and weekends. 

Name Position Email Phone
Monica Dudley Admin. Support 336.285.4530

  • If you notice a leak, clogged commode or drip.  Contact dispatch immediately.
  • Shut off the valve or have housekeeping turn it off.
  • Put up and OUT OF ORDER SIGN up.
  • Contact housekeeping or have dispatch to contact housekeeping to clean up any water.
  • When Facilities or the City turns off the water it may run brown for a period of time.  If you notice this run water from 15 -20 minutes and it should clear, if it doesn’t then contact dispatch.
Name Position Email Phone
David Lupo Plumbing Supervisor 336.285.4548
Shawn Hughes Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4549
Jimmy Saunders Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4549
Paul Mabe Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4549
Melvin Saddler Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4549


Once a work request for the project is received, we assess it to determine if the scope of work can be accomplished with in-house resources. If the scope exceeds it, a project manager will be assigned to determine the scope of work and hires an outside coordinator.

Name Position Email Phone
Bobby Hopkins Project Manager 336.285.4596
Todd Baldwin Project Manager 336.285.4581
Robert Leach Project Manager 336.285.4549
Martin Purser Project Manager 336.285.4594
Lisa Hinton Project Manger 336.285.4513

Central Receiving is responsible for physical receipt, storage, delivery, scheduling, recordkeeping and related coordination for all incoming property, materials/supplies, equipment and furniture acquired by the University.

Open between 7:00 am and 5 pm, merchandise is received form 7:30 am-4 pm daily.

Deliveries are made between 9 am and 4:30 pm. For other times, a phone call is required to 285-4532. Fuel for University vehicles is available from this office as well.

Name Position Email Phone
Steven Rogers Warehouse Manager 336.285.4533

We provide service to activities requiring specific manpower including vendor service co-ordination, facility set-up, or high volume clean up.

Housekeeping and Grounds are responsible for logistical preparations (cleaning, setting up, break downs)  for special events.

Name Position Email Phone
Millicent Hopkins Blg. Environmental Services Mgr. 336.256.2381


Energy conservation is a priority Occupancy sensors control lights coming on and going off in buildings and in vending machines. Building temperatures are also controlled to allow for cutbacks during campus closings.


A new recycling program called "Aggies Recycle" is in the works. Please contact Shalane Griffin at 336-285-4528 if you do not have a recycling can in your office area.


Contact Information
Name Position Email Phone
Jacques Pierre Assistant Director Of Facilities 336.285.4514