Product and Service Demonstration by Vendors

Requested by Vendor

From time to time, vendors request they be allowed to demonstrate a new product line or new service. The University does not prohibit this type of demonstration; but since space either in a building or parking lot must be provided, approval must be obtained.

Vendors are to direct any request for demonstrations to the Procurement Services Office. Purchasing will make arrangements for the demonstration and confirm with the vendor the arrangements that have been made.


The vendor will be responsible for all expenses which are incurred in the demonstration. The University will not except any responsibility for the equipment while in the custody of the University other than normal care.

Requested by Department

A more common type of demonstration is that requested by a department from a vendor of a particular piece of equipment. In these instances, the arrangements are made between the department and the vendor. No further approval is required.

Purchase After the Demonstration

The demonstration of equipment to a department or to an individual in no way obligates the University to purchase or lease the equipment or service. Any purchase request issued as a result of demonstrations will be handled in accordance with the normal purchase regulations of the University and the State.