Purchase of Furniture and Furnishings


The State maintains contracts for almost all types of furniture required for offices and lounge areas, and all of the University requirements must generally be met from these contracts.

The Procurement Services Office has personnel to assist departments in selecting furniture and furnishings. They should be consulted on the types of furniture available before a purchase requisition is issued.


Works of art, paintings, drawings, pictures, plants, and plaques desired for aesthetic value must be purchased with non-state appropriated funds.


Carpeting to be funded from State funds may be approved following areas with proper justification:

  • The immediate office areas and adjacent conference space for the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Deans, Directors, and Departmental Chairpersons
  • Library type areas which require carpeting for acoustical purposes
  • Lobby and waiting areas, if approved on the basis of use by the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance

Wall to wall carpeting may be installed in any area with approval of the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance where the carpeting is to be funded from non-State funds; provided, however, that carpeting the area would not create a fire or health hazard or create a maintenance problem; also, provided the department concerned assumes the responsibility for the replacement of the carpeting.

Carpeting for new buildings will be allowed under the policies listed above from State funds, provided adequate funds are available in the construction account. Carpeting is allowed in new buildings only when the carpeting is specified in the original contract. Change orders requesting the substitution of carpeting for tile or other flooring materials result in excessive cost to the University and are not permitted.

Carpeting that is not installed wall-to-wall creates maintenance problems for the University Physical Plant and may not be installed in University facilities without prior approval. Installation of small pieces of carpeting will only be allowed when the circumstances justify this type of installation over wall-to-wall installation.

The Procurement Services Office should be consulted for specific information when a carpet purchase is anticipated.

Prior to ordering carpet, a check should be made to see if doors will need adjustment to allow free movement over the carpeting. Request for any necessary maintenance work should be prepared and submitted to the Director of Physical Plant prior to carpet installation. Additionally, when the carpet arrives, or prior to the arrival, arrangements for moving any furniture should be made with the Physical Plant. The carpet company is not responsible for moving furniture.


Draperies to be used primarily for aesthetic purposes may not be charged to State funds without special approval from the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance. Draperies needed for justifiable acoustical purposes may be charged to State funds. The Procurement Services Office will give advice on the fabrics required and the type of installation. Maintenance and replacement of draperies are the responsibility of the requesting department after the original purchase.