Lost or Stolen Check

If a check is lost or stolen, the payee to whom the check was drawn should contact the General Accounting Office immediately. The payee must first execute an affidavit (in the presence of a Notary Public) before any further action can be taken to replace the check. Once the appropriate party has secured the affidavit, a Stop Payment Notice on the lost or stolen check is issued to the State Treasurer's Office.

If the check is found before the stop payment action has been put into effect, the General Accounting Office must be contacted to cancel the process. After the stop payment action has been put into effect, a replacement check may be issued. The processing time for a stop payment is usually about two weeks. There are usually NC A&T employees on campus who are Notary Publics, and often one may be available in the Dowdy Building. However, because this is a volunteer service, there is no assurance that a notary will be available through the University.  Affidavit Form

General Accounting Office