Check Request Guidelines

Strict adherence should be given to the Business & Finance, AP Director Check Request Processing regarding procurement activities for university purposes. Funds must be encumbered and secured with a purchase order for all purchases above $2,500.  The procurement card can be utilized for most goods and services below $2,500.  A petty cash request can be made for an individual reimbursement up to a maximum of $100 with appropriate documentation.

Purpose of Form

Use the Check Request form to process procurement transactions less than $5,000 only when situations listed above cannot be used or, are listed as an allowable check request expenditure.

Specific Instructions

  • Shaded areas are for the accounting office use only.

  • Enter the date of the request.

  • Enter the 9-digit Banner vendor ID in this field.  Access FTIIDEN (check the box marked all) to execute a vendor search.  If the vendor is not found in the Banner system, a request to create the vendor must accompany the W9/W8 form (signed by the vendor) to the purchasing office.  Do not submit the check request form to the accounting office until the banner vendor ID is typed in the vendor number field.

  • The vendor number should be assigned to the same name and address appearing in the pay to and address fields on the request.

  • Enclosure box should indicate Y if remittance advice or other enclosure will accompany payment.  Attach an additional copy of remittance document to the requisition and mark enclosure.  Enter N if enclosure is not required.

  • Non-US Person/Entity box should be marked Y if payment is being made to a non-US citizen, non-US entity or non-US permanent resident.  The Y indicator requires an attachment of the signed and completed IRS form W-8 and/or the Foreign National Information form.  The information form may be found at the Foreign National Information page.  Mark the box N for payments to US persons and entities.

  • Banner Index and Account numbers must be provided with the vendor invoice number, invoice date and dollar amount of the vendor's invoice.  List each invoice separately.  The form's calculated total should equal the amount of the total invoices attached to the request.

  • The reason for the check should entail the purpose of this payment being made to the vendor.  (Example: "Payment for 1 year subscription of scientific journal" ). All invoices and necessary documentation for expenditure(s) must be attached.  Quotes and statements cannot be substituted for an invoice.

  • Requestor must certify the items to be purchased are less than $5000 and could not be purchased with a procurement card, petty cash or purchase order. Unauthorized acquisitions creating an after the fact situation must be explained.  Any department initiating a procurement transaction that does not comply with purchasing procedures serve to weaken existing internal controls and jeopardize the university's fiscal flexibility.

To eliminate delays the signature of the requestor, necessary approvals, date and phone number must be in place prior to submission of the request to the university accounting office (non-grant funds) or office of contracts & grants (grant funds) for processing.