Prepaid Orders and Advance Payments

State law requires that materials, goods, supplies, or services be received before payment can be made. Therefore, advance payments cannot be made except as indicated below.
  • Governmental Agency payments
  • Registrations
  • Specified advances against contractual services
  • Subscriptions or Mail Orders where it is mandatory that payment accompany the order
  • Travel Advances for student related purposes

If advance payment is required, an approved purchase requisition must be accompanied by either an invoice or an order form from the vendor. The requisition, accurately reflecting all related charges including shipping and handling, is generated in the Purchasing Office. A check request is issued and processed in Accounts Payable. General Accounting then draws the check and sends it with the order to the specified vendor. Upon request, the check may be returned to the department for special handling. (Please note special handling and the date needed on the purchase request.)

In the event that an emergency situation arises wherein a specific product can only be obtained locally from a vendor who will not accept a purchase order, the University Accounting Office will, with properly approved purchase request and pro-forma invoice, prepare a check for the vendor. This check must be picked up by the departmental representative who will purchase the product. The departmental representative must sign a Receipt of Prepayment form which authorizes the Payroll Dept. to withhold their pay check until a vendor receipt is delivered to the Accounting Office, with any overage reimbursed to the University as documented by a University Cashier's receipt.

It is highly recommended in these situations that the individual seek a vendor who will accept a University purchase order, or utilize their own funds (cash or credit card) and either obtain immediate reimbursement following the University Imprest Cash policy (if under $50) or submit a purchase request authorizing a reimbursement check.