Direct Deposit for Vendors

The University purchase order form requests that vendors send invoices to the Accounts Payable Office. Despite these instructions, invoices are often sent directly to departments, sometimes enclosed with the package. When purchases are picked up from local vendors, the invoice is usually given to the person making the pickup, and often no further billing is made by the local merchant. Any vendor invoices, statements, duplicate invoices, or inquiries received by departments should be forwarded promptly to the Accounts Payable Office with the purchase order number indicated. Invoices should be signed, dated, and marked "RECEIVED" if that is the case, so that payment can be made.   The Banner form FOIDOCH should reflect the goods or services received.

Vendor Inquiries and Departmental Help

The Accounts Payable Department is responsible for answering inquiries from vendors regarding the status of unpaid invoices and the reviewing of monthly statements regarding the status of unpaid invoices received from vendors. These responsibilities, which are most important in sustaining and promoting a satisfactory credit standing with University suppliers, frequently require the cooperation of departmental representatives in identifying purchases, determining the status or location of materials or documents, and in preparing or approving documents for payment.