Travel (Cash) Advance

While the University's policy typically does not include travel cash advances, exceptions are made for international travel by employees and when faculty and staff oversee student travel. We understand the unique financial needs of these situations and aim to facilitate smooth and responsible travel for our University community.  

Key Facts 

  • Must be requested three (3) weeks before the travel departure date 
  • Must be $100 or more 
  • Must be used for per diem, ground transportation, or emergency funds for students, student group travel, and international travel. 
  • Must be processed in Chrome River via an Expense Report (ER) 
  • Must not exceed the amount of the Pre-Approval (international travel) 
Required documents for student travel cash advance: 
  • Student Travel Manifest (Page 3) - Student Affairs manages these documents. 
  • PDF of Approved Pre-Approval. 
  • Supporting documentation (agenda, itinerary, flyer, i.e.). 

Important to Know

  • Travel (Cash) Advance Instructions (PDF) - how to request and reconcile a cash advance.
  • Student Travel >  


Questions? Contact University Travel Services.

Tyler Ball