Interviewee and Non-Affiliate Travel

The University extends its support by covering travel expenses for non-affiliates, and non-employees, such as prospective professional employees. Specific honorarium-related costs will be covered upon approval. We kindly ask all non-employees traveling on behalf of the University to adhere to the university travel guidelines and policies. 

Key Facts

Important to Know

  • Honoraria process is managed by Accounts Payable. 
  • Interviewee Letter Requirements (PDF) - for departments to share with candidates prior to making travel arrangements for an interview  


Submit a completed Chrome River Vendor Create Request form to Each non-affiliate and interviewee must have a Banner ID prior to the form being completed.

No. A delegate must enter all information for non-affiliates and interviewees into Chrome River

All non-affiliate and interviewee candidates are the first persons to approve the reports via email.  

Documentation requirements
  • Non-Affiliate: An invitation to appear from the conference host. 
  • Interviewee: An invitation to interview for a position.  

Add funds to Chrome River by submitting the fund request form to .

Questions? Contact University Travel Services.

Shelby Clark-Fuller