Travel Card

The Aggie Travel Card (T-card) is a university-liability Visa card issued by Bank of America. It provides travelers with an easy way to pay for official university business travel expenses and replaces pre-payment requests while reducing the financial burden on the traveler.

Key Facts

  • Available to active permanent employees. 
  • Contract, temporary, student workers, and other non-employees are not eligible. 
  • Requires mandatory training. 
  • T-card reconciliations are due on or by the 24th of each month, regardless of the travel dates. 
  • Reconciliations (expense reports) are processed in Chrome River. 
  • Entertainment is not allowed on the travel card. 
  • Call Bank of America: 1-888-449-2273 
    • For lost or stolen cards. 
    • For card declines. 
    • International Travel – Alert the bank of your travel dates and city and country. 

Important to Know 

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard credit limit on the travel card is $5,000, with a single and daily transaction limit of $2,500Contact the travel card administrator for a customized credit limit. 

The T-card monthly billing cycle begins on the 25th of the month and ends on the 24th of the following month. 

In the traveler’s e-wallet on the dashboard (left side of the screen) in Chrome River. 

When activating your card, you are required to set a four-digit PIN. The T-card administrator does not have access to this information. Retrieve or set up your PIN > 

No, meals are not allowed on the T-card. 

Yes. They must provide a copy of their approved pre-approval report to be uploaded when reconciling their T-card transactions. 

Yes. Send an email to the T-card administrator (Sonya Foster) requesting an increase for the amounts needing to be charged. Your Pre-Approval for the trip must be approved. 

Yes. All registrations should be paid on the T-card. A pre-approval must support it. 

Some allowable charges are airfare, hotel, baggage, registration, taxi, Uber & Lyft, shuttle, public transportation, rental cars, railway, road tolls, and passport processing fees. Refer to the travel policy and t-card guide for additional categories. 

T-cards are automatically renewed. If you haven’t received a notice to pick up your renewal/replacement T-card, contact the T-Card Administrator. 

Some merchants/vendors may categorize themselves outside of the range of travel and/or organization merchant codesWhen this occurs contact the T-Card Administrator, Sonya Foster, to get your card temporarily opened to authorize the charge. An approved pre-approval must be in place. 

The best way to handle this situation is to hang up and call Bank of America back using the number on the back of the cardSpeak with a bank representative explaining your issue.   

No. This is cardholder misconduct and will likely result in the cardholder permanently losing their card privileges. 

One or more of your expenses are over 45 days old.   You will have to edit each transaction and change the expense tile icon to a Non-Accountable Plan icon. 

  • Select the transaction
  • Click edit
  • Click on the expense tile icon (a drop-down menu appears)
  • Click the miscellaneous tile
  • Click non-accountable plan (brown wallet icon)
  • Place a description of the expense in the description box
  • Click save. 

The Hotel/Lodging expense tile will have to be deleted and re-entered.  You must first change the expense tile icon to a non-accountable plan when adding it to your report 

Travel expenses are not allowed on the P-Card. However, if your P-card is used to pay for travel expenses, it must be included in the appropriate P-card report. 

Questions? Contact University Travel Services.

Sonya Foster
T-Card Admin