Live Animals for Research

Federal Regulations

Federal regulations require certain animals such as cats, dogs, monkeys, and other large animals to be shipped, housed and handled in accordance with specified rules.


Rodent animals are not covered by the same Federal regulations as other animals; and, accordingly, these may be ordered following normal purchasing procedures.

Single-Source Procurement

Since the acquisition of animals cannot be based on competitive bidding according to standard specifications, the Procurement Services Office authorizes purchase orders to be issued to various animal farms on a single-source basis.

Immediate Requisition

The University's Procurement Services Office has the authority for granting approval in advance through the means of an emergency or open purchase order for the acquisition of livestock or poultry in instances when: time is limited between knowledge of the sale date and the ultimate sale (auction); or, the ultimate vendor is not known (e.g., auction). This procedure will not be authorized except in those instances where it is impossible or impractical for a department to process a purchase request in the anticipated usual processing time.