Purchase of Subscriptions and Periodicals


All subscriptions purchased from University funds must be mailed to a University business address. All subscriptions must be relevant to University business or programs.


In order that subscriptions to magazines or periodicals might be handled with a minimum of delay, it is necessary that the proper information be furnished to the publisher or subscription agency. The purchase request should give the following information:

  • Name of the publication
  • Name and address of the publisher
  • Name and address of the subscription agency, if publication is to be ordered from a company other than the publisher
  • Whether the request is a renewal or a new subscription, in either case, attach the renewal notice/invoice or brochure from the publisher showing the price and terns of sale
  • Length of time the subscription is to run, giving the starting date and the ending date
  • Exact mailing address the publication is to be sent to, i.e.:

    NC A & T State University
    School or Department
    Room # and Building
    Greensboro, North Carolina 27411
    Attn: Mr. John C. Doe