Payment of Membership Dues


The purpose of this policy is the establishment of guidelines for the payment of membership dues from State Funds.


Membership dues paid from State funds for State departments, institutions and agencies to organizations shall be kept to an absolute minimum. Department heads must review and approve all memberships to determine that the benefits accruing to the State from such memberships will exceed the cost. Membership dues shall not be paid for individual state employees. Membership dues paid from State funds should be for the benefit of the State and not for an individual. If the State is to benefit from an individual's membership in an organization, that benefit should derive not because of the individual, but because of the individuals position with the State government regardless of who is in the position.


All purchase request for payment of membership dues or institutional fees regardless of source of funding are to be submitted to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance/Business Manager for approval in compliance with State and University policy regarding payment of membership dues. Purchase request must provide the following items:

  • Name of the organization
  • Annual rate of dues
  • Levels of Memberships
    • Local (L)
    • State (S)
    • Regional (R)
    • National (N)
    • International (I)
  • Purpose of Membership
  • Attachment of Invoice
  • Budget Code and Subhead
  • Authorized Signatures
    • Appropriate Vice Chancellor
    • Department Head
    • Requester

Approved membership payments will be sent to the Procurement Services Office for approval of funding and a purchase order to be drawn. The Procurement Services Office will submit the order to the Accounts Payable Department for a check to be drawn.

Disapproved membership payments will be returned to the appropriate Vice Chancellor with an explanation of the disapproval.

The appropriate Vice Chancellor will communicate to the requester the disapproval.