American Express Corporate Card

The University sponsors an American Express card for employees recommended by their Department Head. Please submit an Authorization for Issuance of the American Express Corporate Card to the Procurement Office along with a completed Application for the American Express Corporate Card. (These forms may be obtained from the Purchasing Office.)

The cardholder (employee) is solely responsible for the use of the card and the card is to be used for University travel only. Non-travel charges or delinquent payment on account may cause the card to be revoked.

Upon termination of employment with the University, or upon request, the card must be returned to the Procurement Office, Dowdy Administration Building.

For information contact the Travel Coordinator, Procurement Office, Telephone 336 334-7555.

Program Features
  • There is no annual fee to the cardholder.
  • Free travel insurance ($200,000) and baggage insurance ($1,250) are provided to the cardholder when traveling on commercial carriers.
  • The need to carry excess cash or to use a personal credit card for University business is eliminated.
  • The travel card provides an easy way to separate business and personal expenses.
  • Meals can be charged to the card while traveling on University related business; however, travel regulations regarding subsistence rates for meals still apply. 

Cardholder Responsibilities
  • The American Express Travel Card is issued to individuals; the University has no financial liability to the program.
  • The American Express Travel Card is intended to be used for University business travel related expenses.
  • The cardholder is responsible for any delinquency fees on the travel card.
  • Requests for reimbursement for travel expenses are submitted in the normal manner and reimbursement is made to the individual. The cardholder makes payment to American Express.