Return of Merchandise

Vendor's Permission

No supplies or equipment should be returned to a vendor for whatever cause without first obtaining the vendor's permission and shipping instructions. Departments desiring to return materials to a vendor should contact the Procurement Services Office, giving the reason for the desired return. The Procurement Services Office will secure permission from the vendor for return of the materials, and will obtain shipping instructions. Upon receipt of return authorization form, the Procurement Services Office will notify the department. The department should prepare the materials for shipping and notify Central Receiving to pick up and ship them to the vendor.

Cost of Return

Since the return of merchandise can be for a number of reasons, such as in-warranty or out-of-warranty repairs, incorrect or defective materials, and over-shipment, the financial responsibility will depend on the reason for the return. Generally, when materials are returned as a result of an error by the vendor or because the materials are defective, the freight charges and other cost involved are the responsibility of the vendor; otherwise, the department for which the return is being made must bear the cost involved. Most vendors will charge at least a 10% restocking charge when merchandise is returned as a result of an over-purchase or where the University erred in requesting the merchandise.