Repair of Out-of-Warranty Equipment

Manufacturer Service

Repair of equipment must generally be done by outside vendors. It is paid for by the requesting department on a per call basis, unless the equipment is covered by a maintenance or service contract. The rates can vary greatly depending on the equipment and time. It is generally recommended, if funds are available, equipment be carried under a maintenance or service contract. Request for out-of-warranty service on equipment covered by a service contract is made directly to the manufacturer or the service agent by the requesting department.

Request for out-of-warranty service on equipment not covered by a service or maintenance contract, must be made on a purchase request and be submitted for processing to the Procurement Services Office. If the need for the repair or service is of an emergency nature, the Procurement Services Office may assign a purchase order number to the purchase request and authorize the requesting department to contact the service agency before a purchase order is submitted to the agency.

Returns for Service

Requests for repair of out-of-warranty equipment, which must be returned to the manufacturer or supplier for repair, are directed to the Procurement Services Office on a purchase request describing the nature of the repair, and indicating the name of the supplier and the purchase order number from the original purchase, if available. The Procurement Services Office will obtain shipping instructions and an estimate of the cost; and, if approved by the requesting department, authorize the company to make the repair.


The equipment to be returned for service will be picked up by Central Receiving and returned to the company in accordance with the shipping instructions. Central Receiving will charge shipping cost to the requesting department using the account number appearing on the purchase request which authorized the repair. Incoming freight charges will be paid by the company and added to the repair invoice.