Solicitation of Bids and Quotations

State Statutes

The Statutes of the State of North Carolina require the solicitation of formal bids by the State Purchase and Contract Division when the total purchase is $100,000.00 or more and the items to be purchased are not on State contract. Solicitation of bids an quotations on orders for less than $100,000.00 and for certain specified items and services are generally the responsibility of the University Procurement Services Office. Additionally, State regulations specify at least three competitive bids should be obtained, if possible, for those purchases under $5,000.00. The State indicates no minimum dollar limitation for soliciting quotations.

University Policy

The Procurement Services Office, following University policy, usually solicits bids or quotations on items being purchased with an estimated cost exceeding $5,000.00. This action is necessary in order to determine the price, terms and conditions of the vendor whose product is being sought.

Results of Bid

Information submitted in a successful bid or quotation is used by the Procurement Services Office as a basis for preparing the purchase order. The University purchase order contains instructions to the vendors that prohibit a vendor from accepting an order for shipment unless the vendor meets the printed conditions obtained through the quotation.

Selection of Bids

If competition is received from the bid solicitation, the requesting department will be consulted before the order is placed. Justification from the user is necessary if the lowest bid meeting the specifications and requirements is not selected.

Official Bids

Solicitation of competitive bids and quotations is the responsibility of the Procurement Services Office. Any quotations requested by departments cannot be considered official and are to be used only as information for the department. Generally, solicitation of quotations by departments only delays the placing of the purchase order and should be done only in conjunction with obtaining technical information about an item or with specific advance approval by the Procurement Services Office.

Time Allowance

In issuing purchase requisitions for materials, sufficient lead time must be given to solicit bids, evaluate the bids, place the order and effect delivery. Twelve to fourteen working days are generally required to solicit quotations and place a purchase order. Formal bids solicited by the State Purchase and Contract Division in Raleigh require approximately 45 to 60 days. An additional ten days will be required to evaluate the bids and place the order.