Solicitation by Sales Representative


On some highly technical items, there may be only one known source. Justification for purchase of this type of item without competitive bidding must accompany the purchase requisition. The justification memorandum should be forwarded to the Procurement Services Office and should give the following information:

  • The name and address of the suggested supplier;
  • The technical specifications which make the item unique;
  • The name and address of other vendors which make similar equipment or items, and an explanation of how their equipment or items fail to meet the required specifications.

Supporting Documentation

Copies of all correspondence including any vendor quotations received in the selection of the special item should also accompany the purchase requisition.


If the request exceeds $100,000.00 in cost, it will be forwarded to the State Purchase and Contract Division for processing and, if justified, the request will be certified as "single source" and purchased without recourse to formal bidding. If the request is under $100,000.00 and, if justified, it will be processed by the University Procurement Services Office.

Limited Use

This process is infrequently used since there are generally some competition for almost any type of items or supplies used at the University.