Instructional Technology Services

The Instructional Technology Services (ITS) unit in Information Technology Services is responsible for providing professional development opportunities and assistance to faculty and staff. ITS also seeks to enrich the educational experiences of students by assisting faculty with the incorporation of innovative and emerging technologies into instruction. The unit is committed to collaborating with faculty to create pedagogically-sound instruction for online, face-to-face (F2F), and blended courses. ITS assists faculty with:

  • Identifying ways to transition courses from F2F to blended or online.
  • Acquiring in-depth knowledge about using Blackboard Learning Management System.
  • Developing interactive courses using appropriate instructional technologies.

The ITS unit manages the Faculty Resource Center (FRC), located at 1020 E. Wendover Avenue. The FRC is a facility where faculty, staff, and students can experiment with technology, and discuss with FRC staff and peers about the effective application of technology for enhancing teaching and learning. The facility is available for use by faculty who are engaged in self-directed, small-group activities and training.

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