Employee Laptop Initiative

The university is implementing a four-year computer rotation cycle to ensure that all employees have an up-to-date computer for primary use and to support the university's move to a mobile-ready workforce.  It will not provide service desk, research, instructional lab computers, or computers used for other purposes, as those are provided through other programs.   
The first allotment will consist of a Dell laptop running Windows 11 and will have two external monitors, a docking station, and a keyboard and mouse.  While the final decision on the scope of employees who will be included has not been finalized, the university expects to include all full-time employees (permanent and temporary), and those part-time employees who may need to work remotely. 
The distribution plan is currently being developed and will be posted as soon as it is available.  A second allotment is planned to be purchased sometime after the conclusion of the initial rollout and will provide an option for Macintosh computers.   
Please visit this site periodically for updated information on the progress of the initiative and distribution. 



Where do I fill out the Employee Laptop Initiative survey?

Click here to complete the survey by January 27th. 
Why are we replacing employees computers? 
The university has begun this program to support the move to a mobile-capable workforce, ensure all employees have an up-to-date primary computer, comply with secure computing measures, and to standardize equipment for more efficient support.  The program is intended to be implemented on a four-year refresh cycle. 
Who is eligible to get a new laptop? 
All full-time employees (permanent and temporary), and those part-time employees who may need to work remotely. 
How will new laptops be prioritized for distribution? 
Replacement of computers is dependent on several factors.  Desktop computers will be replaced with laptops.  Other factors include the age of the computer, operating systems older than Windows 10, and other security concerns. 
If I am selected to receive a new laptop, when should I expect it to be delivered? 
Although no specific schedules have been created, we expect to begin delivering the equipment in February. 
What are the specs for the new laptop and accessories? 
ITS considered current and future computing requirements that are likely for the majority of university employees. 
  • Dell Latitude 7530 – 15.6" Non-Touch display 
  • Windows 11 Enterprise 
  • 12th Generation Intel vPro Enterprise with Intel Core i7-1265U (10Core, 12 MB Cache, 12 Threads, up to 4.80 GHz)  
  • 32GB 3200MHz DDR4, Non-ECC, Integrated 
  • 512GB PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive 
  • Integrated camera with privacy shutter 
  • Integrated microphone 
  • 2 x Dell 24” monitors 
  • Dell Thunderbolt Docking station 
  • Dell Pro Wireless Keyboard & Mouse 
What software is already installed on the new laptops?
Each laptop comes pre-installed with the following software. Any additional software requirements must be noted when submitting the online survey.
  •  7-Zip
  •  Adobe Acrobat DC
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  •  Cisco AnyConnect – VPN
  • FileZilla
  • Microsoft
    • Edge
    • OneDrive
    • Word
    • Excel
    • Outlook
    • Power Point
    • Project
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
Will employees be able to request specific laptop configurations such as extra memory or disk space? 
The laptops have been configured to allow for above average usage and will accommodate a great majority of employees.  Where there are instances of specific requirements exceeding the configuration available on these laptop, special requests will need to be submitted. 
What if my current monitors are larger than the new monitors? 
You may keep your current monitors as long as they function with the new equipment. 
Can I get larger monitors? 
All of the new monitors are 24”.  If the employee requires larger monitors, a request can be submitted and will be evaluated on need, funding, and availability. 
What if I just got a new laptop? 
If the laptop is less than two years old, you will keep the same laptop unless it does not conform to security standards or it does not meet the new specifications for campus computers. 
What if I work remotely 100%? 
Employees working remotely will also receive a new laptop.  ITS will be in contact with the employee to make arrangements for setup and distribution.  
What will happen to my current computer upon replacement? 
Your current computer will be assessed for reimaging and repurposing or surplus.
Where can I get training to prepare for my new laptop and Windows 11?
Training is provided by ITTD through LinkedIn Learning. Click here for more information.
Where can I find additional information?
The following resources are available to provide additional information to prepare you to use your new laptop.
What if I have additional questions?
The Help Desk is available to answer additional questions at helpdesk@ncat.edu, (336) 334-7195, or by submitting a ticket at https://aggiehelp.ncat.edu.