Technology and Data Security

Promoting the secure use and protection of university information resources

What is an information resource?

An information resource(s) is information owned or processed by the university, or related to the business of the university, regardless of form or location, and the hardware and software resources used to electronically store, process or transmit that information. An information resource(s) includes data, software and physical assets.

Report an Information Resource Incident


An information resource incident can include but isn't limited to the following:

  • Phish/fraudulent email;
  • Unauthorized disclosure or alteration of confidential/sensitive data;
  • Loss or theft of devices or media containing confidential/sensitive data; and
  • A device with suspicious/unusual behavior.

If you know of, suspect, or aren't sure if an event is an incident, report it to


Policies and Procedures

Announcements and Updates 

Security Key for MFA Use Update


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Implementation - Fall 2018

Cyber criminals disguise themselves as people, organizations, services, and/or businesses familiar to users in order to fraudulently capture account credentials. As a countermeasure to this threat, ITS is deploying Microsoft’s Azure MFA solution. Banner 9 Admin Pages will be the first application to require MFA. Find out how to setup MFA, FAQs, and more.

Confidential and Sensitive Data Protection Requirements - Update To July 19, 2018 Announcement

ITS will allot time to offices that exchange confidential and sensitive data in an insecure manner to establish new business practices and convey changes to stakeholders. An ITS campus announcement about file exchange and data repository options, training, the compliance deadline, and other information is forthcoming. View the announcement.