Banner 9 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Banner 9?
    Banner is a comprehensive web application used by the University to access the banner system for day-to-day business. INB has transitioned to Banner 9 (Admin Pages) with a modern look and feel. Banner 9 is used to manage and access all administrative data in Student, Alumni, Financial Aid, Finance and Human Resources Modules.
  2. What if I already have access to Banner 8 (the current version)?
    If you already have access to Banner 8, you do not need to request access to Banner 9. Your access will be the same in Banner 9 as it was in Banner 8.
  3. What if I do not have access to Banner 8, but I need access to Banner 9?
    Access to Banner 9 is restricted to departmental users on a need only basis. The Module Owners of the data must allow access to Banner 9. If a supervisor determines that a user needs access, an account request form must be completed and approved by the module owners for access
    (ITS Forms).

To request access to any of the following modules, please contact the listed office.

Accounts Receivable
Kristy Maners

Ariel Penna

Systems Development

  1. Will I need additional training to use Banner 9?
    Yes, if you have not done so already. Your module owner will notify you when your area will have training. The training schedule will also be posted on the Banner 9 INB Users Communication’s Site.

  2. Will SSB users be impacted by Banner 9?
    Aggie Access/Banner Self-Service (SSB) users will not be affected by the Banner 9 upgrade. They will continue to access Banner the same way.

  3. Will I use the same login username / password to login to Banner 9 as I do with Banner 8?
    • Login to Banner 8 (INB) will use your Banner INB credentials.
    • Login to Banner 9 (Admin Pages) users will use your OneID credentials.

  4. How will this affect my routine jobs or reports in job submission?
    Jobs and reports should remain unaffected.

  5. Why are my keyboard shortcuts not working in Banner 9?
    Since, Banner 9 runs in a web browser, some keyboard short cuts were changed while others no longer are operable. A list of keyboard shortcuts is available.

  6. Can I access all the forms in Application Navigator that I currently have permission to access?
    Yes, you can access all Banner 8 and Banner 9 that you have permissions to.

  7. From the Banner 8 menu, what does it mean when I get “*ERROR” Object ‘object name’ is no longer authorized for INB access. Please use the unified menu to access this Object’?
    This means that you are trying to open an object that is released as a Banner 9 Java Page and is no longer available as a Banner 8 object.

  8. Where can I find the items that were under the Banner 8 “Options” tool menu in the Banner 9 Pages?
    In Banner 9, the items previously under “Options” can be found in ‘Related” list or the “Tools” list located on the upper right corner of the screen.

  9. Why is no data being returned when using Filters on a Banner Java Page?
    A few filtering tips include:
    • Filters in Banner 9 are case sensitive.
    • Verify that you have selected the appropriate operator from the drop down for your expected results.
    • Multiple fields can be selected to narrow your results.

  10. Can users change the color scheme on their Banner pages?
    Ellucian (Banner’s parent company) has stated the following as of 8/16/17: “Individual users cannot choose a personal color in the Banner 9 applications at this time. Personal color (theme) choices is on the backlog, but not yet scheduled for a particular release.”

  11. How can I see what the keyboard shortcut is for a given function?
    If you hover over the function (e.g. Go) Banner will display the shortcut keys to use for that function.

  12. How do I resize a page in Banner 9?
    You can use the CTL+ to increase the size and CTL- to decrease the size.

  13. Can you have two Banner 9 pages open at same time?
    No. Two pages cannot be open at same time. You could come close to same experience by opening a second Banner 9 session. The navigation between two pages is made simpler by the Application Navigator recently visited pages feature.

  14. Does Banner 9 time out inactive users?
    Yes, at 25 minutes you will receive a warning message that your session will expire in 5 minutes you will need to select extend if that is not done, after 30 minutes of idle the session will disconnect you. If your session times out and you did not finish your transaction if not saved will be incomplete.

  15. What is the minimum system requirements for Banner 9 Operating System?
    All major browsers Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11 (Windows 7), Safari 5.x, Firefox Chrome compatibility mode disabled IE compatibility view disabled NO Java Plug-In needed (makes security guys happy) or other client software.

    Mac OS X: Safari 4, 5.0.6, 5.1, 6, 7 and Firefox 31 (and under)

    If you are unsure about your PC requirements for Banner access, contact Client Technology Services (CTS) at 334-7195 for assistance.

  16. What browsers does Banner 9 support?
    Banner 9 supports all modern browsers. However, Banner 9 works best with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

  17. The following browsers are supported with Banner 9:
    • Internet Explorer 8+ (Windows 7)
    • Firefox 3.6 (Windows 7+)
    • Firefox 5.x (Windows 7+)
    • Firefox 6.x (Windows 7+)
    • Safari 4.x (Mac OSX)
    • Safari 5.x (Mac OSX) Banner General Event Management Self-Service Only
    • Google Chrome 12 - Banner General Event Management Self-Service Only

  18. Whom do I call with questions about Banner 9 prior to Go Live?
    Contact your module owner with questions.

  19. What is Seamless?
    The Banner 9 "Seamless" feature will allow Banner 9 users to move back and forth between Banner 9 (Admin Pages) and Banner 8 (forms).

  20. Who do I contact with Banner 9 issues?
    Contact Client Technology Services (CTS) at 334.7195 or by email at You will need to provide the following information: name, email, office number and details surrounding error you received.