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Respondus is a software that can be used to create and manage exams that can be published directly to Blackboard. With Respondus, faculty can add multiple test questions to Blackboard at one time making it easier to create test pools. Test questions can be prepared on one or more Word files (using an approved format), imported into Respondus, and then published to Blackboard.

*The Respondus software is only available for Windows devices.
*Administrative access is required to download the software on a university computer.

Respondus Software Package (for faculty)

Click the Respondus Software Package (for faculty) link above to download the software. If you are using a university computer (or any other computer), you must have administrative rights to the computer to download the software.
*You will need to contact ITTD for the installation password.

Respondus User Guides and Tutorials

Respondus Technical Support