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Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within Blackboard Learn to help prevent online test-takers from accessing applications and websites on their computers. The LockDown Browser, which is designed for proctored settings, also prevents printing and copying the while the test is running. 

With LockDown Browser, students no longer have access to normal browser features which can potentially crash a test (e.g. resizing a window, refreshing the page, switching to another application). Students are locked into the test until the test is submitted for grading.

To use LockDown Browser, students must download and install the NCAT-specific version of the LocKDown Browser on their personal computer (PC or Mac). The software is no longer available via the Aggies Anywhere online desktop portal ( In addition, the Respondus LockDown Browser extension is now available for Chromebooks! To use the LockDown Browser on Chromebooks, students must add the extension to the Chrome browser.

For PC and Mac users, be sure to check the Respondus LockDown Browser software prior to taking each test to ensure that you have the latest version of the software. You may update the LockDown Browser software using the instructions found here.

***On June 28, 2023, Respondus LockDown Browser support for Windows 7 will end. On June 28th, the LockDown Browser will cease working on Windows 7 computers. Students using Windows 7 will need to upgrade to Windows 10/11 or find another device that is supported. LockDown Browser can be used with Windows 10+, Mac 10.13+, Chromebook, and iPads running iOS 11+. (The iPad setting must be enabled by the instructor before iPads can be used.)

Respondus Monitor
 is a companion tool to Respondus LockDown Browser that allows instructors to monitor students taking tests via webcam recordings. When Respondus Monitor is required, students use their own computer and webcam to record exam sessions. Instructors use the same Blackboard test options as usual with the added benefit of having access to full video and audio recording of test attempts for review.

Instructors use Respondus Monitor and Respondus LockDown Browser to address issues of student identity and cheating during non-proctored assessments. To take a test using Respondus Monitor, students must use a microphone and webcam, and they must have Respondus LockDown Browser installed on their computer. Chromebook users must have the extension installed in their Chrome browser.

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