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GoReact is a video assessment tool that enables students to practice skills and demonstrate competence, while giving faculty the platform to provide personalized, time-coded feedback.

It’s simple:

  1. Instructor creates a video assessment in Blackboard to assess a variety of skills.
  2. Student practices and records a presentation, performance, or skill demonstration on video.
  3. Student uploads their video submission to the GoReact Assignment in Blackboard.
  4. Instructor and/or peers provide time-coded text, video, or audio feedback at precise moments in the video submission.
  5. Student receives an interactive and personalized evaluation experience, leading to better learning outcomes and career success.

GoReact integrates seamlessly into Blackboard, is FERPA and WCAG compliant, and requires no special equipment to use.

Instructor Resources

Overview Video
Getting Started with Blackboard
Creating GoReact Assignments in Blackboard
Standard Activities
Activity Settings
Group Recording Activities
Comment Only Activities
Screen Share
Additional Instructor Resources

Student Resources

Student Training Video
Using GoReact in Blackboard
Enabling Your Camera and Microphone
Recording a Video
Upload Guide
Video Recording Checklist
Help Center
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