Class for Zoom

Class for Zoom

Class for Zoom (also known as Class) is a new collaboration tool built on top of Zoom's existing functionality that also combines a host of new features for a unique virtual synchronous classroom experience. With Class for Zoom, instructors can deliver engaging learning experiences for all students, no matter where they are. Class for Zoom provides an active and engaging virtual classroom setting with features like sharing web pages, collaborating on documents, launching content to breakout rooms, monitoring activity across rooms, deploying pools and quizzes, using a Class A.I. Teaching Assistant, improved analytics, and much more. In addition, Class integrates with Blackboard to provide a seamless experience for students and instructors.

Class can be accessed via Blackboard, by installing the application on your computer, or via the web application, Class for Web. Access via the computer application is recommended for advanced features.

Access to Class for Zoom


Class is available in all Blackboard courses. Click “Tools” or “Advanced Tools” on the course menu. Select Class for Zoom from the list of tools.

Computer Application
Visit to download and install the latest version of the Class application. Employees who are using a new university-issued laptop should be able to download and install Class. For all other computers, contact Client Technology Services for assistance (336-334-7195). The Class application cannot be installed on mobile phones. Students and employees can download and install Class on personal computers.

Student Access:
Once installed, click the Class icon on your computer.
On the Class login page, students should click Join a Session.

Employee Access:
Once installed, click the Class icon on your computer.
On the Class login page, employees should click Sign In.
On the Zoom login page, click SSO. Enter ncat for the domain.
Allow access to your Zoom account.
Instructor-Class Sign-In

Students and employees can also access the application via After logging into with OneID credentials, select Distance_Learning to access the software. Then, select the Classroom Apps folder.

Class for Web
Visit and select Launch under the Launch Class for Web option.

Training and Resources (for employees)

ITTD Product Training (for employees)
Visit for ITTD facilitated Class for Zoom sessions.

Product Training (Short Video Tutorials)
Short video tutorials are provided on the following topics:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Navigating the Classroom
  3. Instructional Delivery
  4. Engagement Tools
  5. Additional Practice

 *Use this Independent Practice handout while completing the short video tutorials.

On-Going Live Training (Provided by Class Technologies) – Click each link to register.
Class for Zoom 101: Instructor Essentials
Class for Zoom 102: Creating Engagement
Class for Zoom 103: Advanced Functionality
Class for Zoom 104: Best Practices

Resources (for students)
Class Participation Basics
Class Troubleshooting Guide
Participant Guide to Web App