Blackboard Integration

Sharing LinkedIn Learning Content to a Blackboard Course

With LinkedIn Learning, you can either share an entire course or share a video within a course. To start, log in to Blackboard and go to the course where you want to share the video.


In the content area where you want the video, click Partner Content.

 Step 1 partner content

Click Content Market.

 Step 2 content market

Select LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning may not show up in the list. Click Browse All Content Providers.

 Step 3 LinkedIn Learning

Search for the LinkedIn Learning courses you want to include and select them by clicking the box next to the videos. You can choose multiple LinkedIn Learning courses at once! No need to add them one at a time.

Step 4 Search for LinkedIn Learning courses

Once you have selected your video(s)/Course(s), Click submit. Note that it shows you how many videos you have selected.

 Step 5 submit

Click Browse and select the content folder where you would like the videos to appear then click Submit.

 Step 6 submit

NOTE: It is possible to copy and paste the link to the LinkedIn Learning video into Blackboard or you can create a web link. However, we do not recommend this because it will make the students log in manually and may or may not connect directly to the video. This results in poor user experience.

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