Getting Access to WebFOCUS

Q. How do I get access to the WebFOCUS reporting system?

A.Requestor must complete WebFOCUS User Account Request Form and submit a completed form to the appropriate Data Owner selected.

WebFOCUS Account Request Review Process

The WebFOCUS Domain Administrator/Data Owner reviews each User Account Request form to determine the appropriate level of user access. If the request is approved, the WebFOCUS Domain Administrator/Data Owner completes an Account Privileges form to grant user access for a specific domain and group. The WebFOCUS Domain Administrator/Data Owner forwards the forms to the ITS WebFOCUS Administrator.

The ITS WebFOCUS Administrator creates the user account as directed by the WebFOCUS Domain Administrator/Data Owner. The ITS WebFOCUS Administrator supplies the user with a valid User ID and Password.

All requests for access to student data are governed by the Federal Educational Family Rights and Privacy Act (aka FERPA).