Research Assistant Supplementary RCR Training

North Carolina A&T Graduate Research Assistants are required to complete the Community of Graduate Scholars RCR Training via CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative). This training consists of self-guided content and quizzes.

The CITI research training consists of the following RCR modules:

  • History of Ethical Principles;
  • Assessing Risk
  • Privacy and Confidentiality;
  • Conflicts of Interest; and
  • Research Misconduct 
When a student successfully completes the training, he/she will be able to download a completion report that must then be uploaded to the training certification site in Blackboard. 


How to Complete the CITI Research Training

Existing users on CITI can log in at:

For new users on CITI: a new account can be created at by choosing “REGISTER

Once logged on to CITI, you will need to complete the following North Carolina A&T Course: "Community of Graduate Scholars (COGS)". To add the correct course to your course list, follow these instructions:

STEP 1. Click "Add a Course" (found under the heading "My Learner Tools for North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University"). This will bring up a series of questions to help you find the right course.

STEP 2. For Question 1 (Human Subjects Research), choose "I have completed the Basic Course. Please go to Question 2."

STEP 3. For Question 2, choose "N/A".

STEP 4. For Question 4 (Responsible Conduct of Research), choose "Community of Graduate Scholars (COGS)." This is the course you need for Graduate Assistant Training.

STEP 5. Now, skip all other questions, go to the bottom of the page, and click "Submit."

STEP 6. The Community of Graduate Scholars (COGS) RCR training module will now be added to your list of courses.

Now, complete the module and print/download the completion report from CITI. A copy of the completion report must then be uploaded to the Graduate Assistant Training Certification Site in Blackboard.


How to Verify Completion in Blackboard

1. Log on to your N.C. A&T Blackboard account.

2. Go to the "My NCAT" tab, look under "My Organizations" and go to the "Graduate College" organization (alternatively, you can click on your name at top of screen, then click Organizations and go to “ORG-GRAD.007”).

3. Click on GRA Supplementary RCR Training - UPLOAD and follow the instructions to complete the GRA training report.