Assistantship Policies (2-b)

Appointment Period

All assistantships are generally made for an academic year (9 months). A separate appointment for summer term can be made depending on the source and availability of funding and approval of the supervisor.

Notification of Appointment

Notification of awards should be in the form of a contract (the template will be created by the Graduate College) from the academic unit, and should state that the appointment is contingent upon approval by the appropriate budget official, dean and provost, and/or continuation of funding. The notification letter should contain information about the appointment period, compensation, expected duties, teaching and research load, review and renewal procedures, and tuition waivers if any.

Renewal and Reappointments

Students must reapply for each additional year of graduate assistantship support. Continuation of graduate assistantship support from year-to-year or semester-to-semester is not guaranteed. Renewal of support is based on a number of factors including: (a) satisfactory progress toward degree completion, (b) satisfactory completion of prior assistantship responsibilities, and (c) availability of resources.


A Graduate Assistantship may be terminated before the expiration of its designated term due to loss of funding, for cause, for academic delinquency, by written notice, and by voluntary mutual agreement.

Loss of Funding. A graduate assistantship may be terminated due to a loss, reduction, or reallocation in appropriation, grant, contract, gift, or other funds with which to support the appointment.

Cause. The following are examples of sufficient cause for removal from an assistantship position: incompetence, inefficiency, wanton carelessness or neglect of duty, violation of research ethics, violation of safety protocols. insubordination, and repeated or extended absence.

Academic Delinquency. Not making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree or otherwise not being in good academic standing.

Voluntary Agreement. With the agreement of the University, an appointment may be terminated by the voluntary written resignation of the GA.


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