Assistantship Policies (2-A)


This page and the following two pages provide additional details about Graduate Assistantship policies. These policies are from the University's official policy on Graduate Assistantships.


Graduate assistants (GAs) are full-time graduate students employed on a part-time basis (up to 20 hours, 0.50 FTE) by North Carolina A&T State University ( N.C. A&T). A graduate assistant receives an assistantship for services rendered to the university.


A graduate assistantship is a form of apprenticeship and contributes to the student's professional development. Its primary purpose is to assist students in strengthening and successfully completing their academic program. It should include activities that are relevant to each student's program of study and contribute to the university's teaching, research/creative activity, or service efforts. Therefore, an assistantship necessitates periodic assessment and feedback regarding a student's performance.


Graduate assistantships are available to graduate students who have been admitted to a graduate degree program at A&T, maintain full time status, are in good academic standing, and are making satisfactory progress toward their degrees.

Non-resident Alien Students

In accordance with federal immigration laws, international students may not exceed 50% FTE appointments and must not work more than 20 hours per week.

Eligibility exclusions

  • Students in the following categories may not receive a graduate assistantship appointment:
    • Non-degree seeking or transient students;
    • Non-resident alien students whose immigration status does not allow employment in the United States; and
    • Undergraduate students.


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