Hiring an SHRA Temporary Employee

Hiring managers/supervisors employ SHRA temporary employees on a seasonal basis to provide support to complete special projects, registration activity or in the absence of regular staff. The temporary employment option is available and is used as funds are identified to support periodic requests.

The hiring manager should obtain preauthorization from the appropriate administrators in his or her department (i.e. Vice Chancellor, Provost, Dean, Chair, Program Director, etc.) to initiate a request for a SHRA temporary employee. The Division of Human Resources does not manage or oversee the compliance of this action for submission of the request through Aggie Mart. The hiring manager must follow the outlined approval procedures established within the department and may utilize the Interdepartmental Transmittal Form Template to acquire department approval.

Once the hiring manager has obtained departmental administrative approval, the Recommendation for SHRA Temporary Employment Form in Aggie Mart can be completed to request a temporary employee. The request should be submitted in Aggie Mart for approval at least eight (8) work days prior to the desired begin date of the temporary assignment as indicated on the recommendation form.

State funded temporary positions will be electronically forwarded to the Budget Advisory Committee for approval prior to being approved by the Office of Budget and Planning within Aggie Mart. If the temporary position is funded by a grant, the form will be electronically forwarded within Aggie Mart to the Office of Contracts and Grants by the PI or fund manager for funding approval. Upon funding approval, submission of the candidate’s on-line application and the criminal background check clearance, the Division of Human Resources will process final electronic approval. Prospective SHRA temporary employees can be offered the appointment upon confirmation by DHR of entrance date. It is against University, State and Federal regulatory guidelines for a prospective SHRA temporary employee to begin work without validation that all pre-employment processes are cleared for hire.

Prerequisites for Selected Candidates to Begin Work

  1. Completed online application for employment in PeopleAdmin.
  2. Completed and cleared Criminal Background Check.
  3. Final approval by DHR that candidate is eligible for hire and required to complete SHRA Temporary New Hire Orientation to start work.

Approval of Requests

Upon approval of your request in Aggie Mart:

  1. Hiring Manager will be notified via email or phone call of approval and effective date of temporary employment.
  2. Candidate will be contacted to schedule appointment for SHRA Temporary New Hire Orientation held in DHR.
    • In Orientation, the new hire will:
      • learn about temporary and University employment policies and procedures;
      • complete required direct deposit form;
      • complete federal and state tax forms;
      • receive Banner ID for entering hours worked through Web Time Entry (including receipt of a payroll calendar; and
      • complete mandatory I-9, employment eligibility verification form;
        • If the candidate is unable to complete the Form I-9 requirements, he or she will not be allowed to begin employment with the University until such requirement is satisfied in accordance to federal regulations.
      • receive university email account.
  3. After steps 1-2 are complete, the temporary employee can begin his/her assignment and an employment confirmation letter will be provided to the employee and hiring department.

Requesting E-Mail Accounts

Current and newly hired temporary employees are permitted to request an e-mail account.