Temporary Employment

At North Carolina A&T, temporary staff are a critical part of our workforce. Temporary employment opportunities are available in a variety of campus departments for short-term assignments in fields ranging from skilled trades to administrative support. These opportunities are frequently advertised on our online Employment Opportunities site. The Division of Human Resources works with campus departments to secure temporary employees to assist with the increased workloads resulting from vacations, vacant positions, or seasonal fluctuations. 

The Office of State Human Resources (OSHR) authorizes temporary employees to fill a workforce need for a limited period of time. A temporary employee is an appointment for a limited term, normally not to exceed three to six months, but not more than eleven (11) consecutive months without a lapse in employment of 31 or more consecutive calendar days. Individuals appointed as a temporary employee do not earn leave (sick or vacation), received total state service credit, earn retirement or earn career status. The lapse in employment is called the , also known as the “31-day break” or “break-in-service.” 

There are five “categories” of temporaries that are exempt from the Mandatory Separation Requirement which include the following:

  • Retirees who certify that they are not available for or seeking permanent employment
  • Full-time students - undergraduates taking at least twelve (12) semester hours or graduate students taking at least nine (9) semester hours. To qualify for the exception and verify eligibility, full-time students must provide Temporary Solutions with a copy of their course schedule each semester.
  • Interns - students who, regardless of the number of credit hours enrolled, work to gain occupational experience for a period of time not to exceed three months
  • Externs - students who, regardless of the number of credit hours enrolled, are employed as part of a written agreement between the state and an academic institution through which the student is paid and earns course credit
  • Inmates who are in a work-release program. 

Retiree Temporary Appointment

A “retiree temporary” SHRA appointment is an employment status for individuals who are drawing a retirement income and/or social security benefits. State policy allows retirees in temporary appointments to work beyond 12 consecutive months so long as the employee certifies on the Conditions of Employment that he/she is not available for or seeking permanent work and has benefits through his/her retirement plan or Social Security. Employees who retire from the State of North Carolina and receive a pension through the State are limited in the salary amount they can continue to receive as a temporary employee for the State. State retirees should contact Benefits in the Division of Human Resources for additional information on income limits. 

A “retiree temporary” who is hired at an FTE of 75% or greater is no longer eligible for the retiree health coverage and must be placed on the active group plan at the department’s expense. A department is strongly encouraged to limit the hours worked by a “retiree temporary” to less than 30 per week.



In March 2020, due to the onset of the state-wide public health emergency caused by COVID-19 and its impact to the workforce, the OSHR issued a memorandum which temporarily waived the Mandatory Separation Requirement allowing temporary employees to work beyond eleven consecutive months without a lapse in employment. Effective August 15, 2022, as a result of the end of the state-wide public health emergency, the waiver of the Mandatory Separation Requirement will end. In compliance with the state and subject to the provisions ending the state-wide, any hourly or salaried temporary employee who has worked more than 11 consecutive months without the mandatory break-in-service must separate from employment beginning no later than September 15, 2022 and are ineligible for rehire at the same institution for at least 31 calendar days. Campuses cannot circumvent the policy by rehiring the same temporary employee through a temporary agency during the mandatory separation. Individuals are eligible for state government re-employment into temporary positions beginning the 32nd day.

Health Benefits

If you are currently enrolled in the state offered High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), the University will continue to pay the employer share of the premium, however you will still be responsible for your portion to avoid a lapse in coverage. Although you may opt to end your HDHP, you have the option to continue health benefits without interruption: 

Option 1: If your Temporary Employment ends:

  • Your High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) will terminate on your last date of employment.
  • You will receive a COBRA Package to continue health Coverage from iTEDIUM


Option 2: To continue health benefits without interruption:

  • Should you choose not to continue your employment after the 31-day mandatory separation, your High Deductible Health Plan through North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University will be terminated.
  • You will receive a COBRA Package to continue health Coverage from iTEDIUM 

For questions regarding health benefits, contact Marcie Rowdy, Benefits Manager, at mlrowdy@ncat.edu.


Unemployment Benefits

Temporary employees who are subject to the mandatory separation are eligible to file for unemployment through the North Carolina Department of Commerce Employment Security. To obtain information regarding unemployment benefits, visit https://des.nc.gov/apply-unemployment. For questions regarding unemployment, contact Cynthia Reid, Employee Relations Specialist, at careid3@ncat.edu.



  1. The Division of Human Resources (DHR) will review all available candidate pools and exhaust other searches internally, at least 2 weeks before the preferred start date.
  2. If DHR is unable to find viable candidates, DHR will reach out to the the vendor; explaining pertinent requirements (desired skill set, minimum qualifications, work schedule, etc).
  3. The vendor will provide at least 3 qualified candidate resumes to DHR.
  4. DHR will forward all qualified candidate resumes, with required skill test (optional) to the hiring department.
  5. The hiring department will review all qualified candidates; contacting and conducting interviews for all candidates deemed finalists.
  6. The hiring department will inform DHR of the selected candidate.
  7. DHR will forward the name of the candidate to the vendor.
  8. The vendor will perform the background check for the named candidate and return the results to DHR.
  9. DHR will review the background check and once cleared, will provide The vendor with an HR External Affiliate form to be completed by the candidate and returned.
  10. DHR will prepare/receive an estimate based on the bill rate and period of performance.
  11. DHR will inform the hiring department that a P.O. should be created in AggieMart, using the attached estimate (which must also be included as a part of the P.O.)
  12. The hiring department will inform DHR once the P.O. has been fully approved.
  13. DHR will contact the employee and invite them to attend an orientation.
  14. During the orientation, the employee will receive a banner ID, a University e-mail address, information on parking, and an overview of pertinent University policies.