Extending Temporary Assignments

Extension of a temporary assignment occurs at the discretion of the hiring supervisor and department. By policy, a temporary employee working twenty or more hours a week may only work on a temporary assignment for the University for eleven consecutive months; at the end of which the temporary employee must be removed from the University's payroll.

SHRA temporary employees are eligible for assignment extension when it is determined:

  • The employment period has not exceed eleven consecutive months,
  • There is a demonstrated business need for temporary staff, and
  • There is available funding to support the extension period of employment.

The hiring manager should obtain preauthorization from the appropriate administrators in his/her department (i.e. Vice Chancellor, Provost, Dean, Chair, Program Director, etc.) to initiate a request to extend a SHRA temporary employee. The Division of Human Resources does not manage or oversee the compliance of this action prior to submission of the request through Aggie Mart. The hiring manager must follow the outlined approval procedures established within the department and may utilize the Interdepartmental Transmittal Form template to acquire department approval.

Once the hiring manager has obtained departmental administrative approval, the Recommendation for SHRA Temporary Employment Form in Aggie Mart can be completed to request extension for continued employment. The request should be submitted in Aggie Mart for approval at least eight (8) work days prior to the end of the temporary assignment as indicated on the current approved recommendation form. When completing the Recommendation for SHRA Temporary Employment Form in Aggie Mart for extensions, please be sure to mark the extension box and calculate funds based on the new effective dates for the extension.

Upon completion of the electronic approval process in Aggie Mart for the requested temporary assignment extension, the hiring manager will be notified of the extension approval and new effective dates.