Sponsorship of PERM (Permanent Resident) Status

University departments should review the policy terms and conditions for employment-based permanent residency through the University to determine eligibility sponsorship. The employee must be employed with N.C. A&T in H-1B status for consideration of employment sponsorship for permanent residency.

Prior to beginning the process for sponsoring PERM (Permanent Resident) status for an employee, the sponsoring department should download the Permanent Resident Overview for review and discussion with the employee, the Department Chair, and/or the Dean.

To initiate the recommendation process for permanent resident sponsorship, the department should complete the Recommendation for Permanent Residency Sponsorship Form and submit it to the Division of Human Resources with all required supporting documentation (IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not submit the recommendation packet to the Office of the Provost for signature as this process is administered by the Office of Staffing Services in the Division of Human Resources.)

Upon return receipt of the completed form, the Student and Foreign National Employment Manager will review create an official assessment of the information submitted and forward it to the Office of the Provost for final review, consultation (if needed), and sponsorship determination. All subsequent actions will be based on the determination for sponsorship by the Office of Provost. If approved, the Student and Foreign National Employment Manager will communicate the specific filing category offered by the University for sponsorship and requirements for petition processing to the sponsoring department.