Foreign National Employment

Immigration regulations are complex and you don’t have to navigate them alone. The Staffing Services Office within the Division of Human Resources works in partnership with Academic Affairs and other Administrative Offices to ensure compliance in the employment process for foreign nationals at North Carolina A&T State University.

The Foreign National Employment Policy, along with other applicable University, Federal and State policies, governs the hiring and compensation benefits for foreign national employees and visitors. Academic departments seeking to bring scholars to the United States for appointments and lecturers at North Carolina A&T must do so based on the procedural instructions and guidelines established by University policies. F-1 and J-1 status categories are processed and approved by the International Students and Scholars Office in the Division of Student Affairs. Hiring efforts for these two categories must still be coordinated with the Staffing Services Office.

The information and resource material shared in the foreign national employment section of the DHR website provides academic departments with guidance related to their intent to invite, hire and/or sponsor a foreign national visitor at North Carolina A&T. It is not all inclusive to the federal regulations that govern non-immigrant status eligibility and/or authorization to work. For further consultative guidance regarding foreign national visitors and employment, please contact the Staffing Services Office at 336-285-3773. Read more about Foreign National Employment at NC A&T.

Disclaimer for Foreign National Maintaining Status: It is the primary responsibility of the sponsoring department and foreign national visitor to maintain valid status while in the U.S. and during for the duration of the said activity or employment with N.C. A&T State University. This includes initiating a timely notification to the Division of Human Resources of the department’s intent to extend or terminate the stay of the visitor as outlined in accordance with the policy and procedural guidelines for the University. Failure to do so renders no liability to the University or its employees and can determine the visitor ineligible for continued service and/or employment at N.C. A&T.