Organizational Chart

Organizational Charts show the structure of an organization and the relationships and relative ranks of its positions. To ensure consistency, organizational charts at North Carolina A&T State University should follow the guidelines as outlined in this document.

Creating An Organizational Chart

Identifying information should be included in the upper left corner of the chart stating:

  • University Name
  • Division Name
  • Department/College Name (Not required if you do not work in a department/college such as DHR, Chancellor's Office, etc.)
  • Date Prepared

Example: North Carolina A&T State University
Academic Affairs
College of Engineering
January 2019

Each position on the organizational chart should be identified by:

  • Position Number
  • Employee's Name
  • Title
  • SHRA or EHRA
  • Contributing, Journey or Advanced (if SHRA)

Example: 009999
Jane Doe
Student Services Specialist

Multiple positions of the same classification reporting to the same supervisor can be combined in one box.

John Doe
Building and Environmental Supervisor 

001112 John Doe II Bldg Env Serv Tech SHRA C
001113 John Doe III Bldg Env Serv Tech SHRA C
001114 John Doe IV Bldg Env Serv Tech SHRA C
001115 John Doe V Bldg Env Serv Tech SHRA C

Temporary positions and students should not be included on the organizational chart.


Sub‐units of departments may have their own organizational chart. This will help with departments that are very large. For example, the Department of Facilities has several sub‐units including Housekeeping, Grounds, Maintenance, etc.


  • Must be printable on an 8 1/2" x 11" letter size sheet of paper
  • Page orientation should be landscape
  • Rectangle shapes should be used, other graphics or shapes should be avoided
  • Must be formatted in plain black and white to ensure legibility


 Click Here To View Sample Organizational Chart