Search Committee Certification Program (SCCP)

North Carolina A&T State University remains committed to providing a welcoming and inviting campus community to all our students, faculty and staff. Our continued goal remains to be ensuring our recruitment and hiring process is void of any artificial barriers that prevent the hiring of qualified individuals. We are committed to achieving the strategic goals established in Preeminence 2020. Goal 5 relates directly to creating a campus community that is reflective of the students we serve.

With that in mind, we are pleased to announce the new N.C. A&T Search Committee Certification Program (SCCP). In June 2016, the Division of Human Resources introduced a comprehensive Search Committee Training course intended to provide guidance for our EHRA Faculty search committees. To avoid repeated trainings of employees and provide qualified search committee members, we have developed SCCP. In this new process, the dean may select committee members from a pool of faculty members who have a two-year certificate to serve on a committee. If a member’s certification expires, that member will have to re-certify through training before they can sit on a committee. Certified members are listed in this link: Search Committee Certified Members.

If selected to serve on a Search Committee, members are required to complete the Search Committee Confidentiality Agreement to pledge that all information disclosed during the search remains confidential.

For more information or assistance please contact Cynthia Reid, Employee Relations Counselor, 336-285-2538 or