Facilitation and Consulting Services

The Center for Leadership and Organizational Excellence (CLOE), provides comprehensive programs and facilitation services to support the growth and development of individual departments and units at N.C. A&T. CLOE is able to meet the unique needs and challenges of individual teams across the institution through customized training design and facilitation. We are ready to meet with N.C. A&T’s leaders to discuss change, plan initiatives, and discuss strategies for improving team engagement and success.

CLOE offers the following services:

Customized Training: Customized training sessions are planned activities designed to meet a specific desired outcome or objective. For example, responding to a specific need or challenge, a team leader may want to increase communication skills or conflict management skills for his/her team. CLOE will conduct a design analysis, in collaboration with the team leader/manager, to establish learning objectives and evaluation metrics, create a customized curriculum, develop training materials, facilitate session, and evaluate training effectiveness.

Leadership Retreats: Designed according to desired aspirations and needs of teams, leadership retreats are a great tool to invigorate and empower teams. All teams face challenges, and the purpose of a retreat is to:

  • Enhance leadership skills that contribute to increased team performance
  • Empower individual team members
  • Encourage connections and collaborations between and across team members
  • Develop and apply tools to work through change

Assessing Performance Needs: An effective team is able to reach organizational goals and achieve results. Underperforming teams experience missed deadlines, unnecessary disruption, disengagement, and in some cases strategic failure. CLOE offers services to assess performance at an individual and team level by conducting a team performance assessment. CLOE can assist in identifying performance gaps, determine cause of gaps, identify solutions for closing gaps, develop customized solutions, and assist a team leader in validating next steps and measures.

Strategic Planning/Succession Planning: Through interactive and engaging tools, CLOE assists leaders at N.C. A&T in the process of defining a collaborative direction with their team. The strategic and succession planning process facilitated by CLOE focuses energy and resources by setting strategic priorities, strengthening operations through a plan of action, as well as ensuring buy-in from all team members by establishing agreement around intended outcomes and results.

Team/Individual Assessments: CLOE personnel are certified and trained facilitators in the following assessments: MBTI, FIRO-B, Real Colors, StrenghQuest, Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), D.I.S.C., and several Leadership 360 Assessments.

Leadership Development Coaching: A unique service offered by CLOE is Leadership Development Coaching. Coaches certified through the International Coaching Federation work with CLOE in the facilitation of individualized leadership development coaching.

For more information please contact us at cloe@ncat.edu