Visual Identity

Graphic Standards

By authorization of the chancellor, the Office of University Relations is responsible for all interpretation and control of institutional graphics and is charged with distinguishing North Carolina A&T State University from its competitors by maintaining a distinct brand image, strengthening the university’s brand and increasing brand awareness.

All communications and branding efforts must support the university’s mission of exemplary teaching and learning, scholarly and creative research, and effective engagement and public service.

Graphic Identity and Guidelines

The graphic (visual) identity program plays an important role in influencing the institutional image of the university. The more consistently the graphic elements are used, the stronger the visual identity; the stronger the visual identity and use of consistent names, the greater the awareness and recognition of the university.

Consistency, frequency and repetition are the most important principles in creating recognition. Because there is an assortment of preferences among users, it is crucial that the university adopts a stronger, more consistent use of its official logo, word marks and seal, while limiting the number and type of variations used by its units and constituencies.