Brand Strategy Guide

Overall Brand Strategy

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University's branding campaign aims to deliver cohesive messaging and positioning of the university through integrated marketing and strategic communications. The campaign was developed within the framework of A&T Preeminence 2020 and supports the university’s overall institutional goals.

This guide provides the framework and point of departure for the university’s brand vision.

Key Goals

For N.C. A&T to attract and enroll “right-fit” students who will thrive in its challenging and supportive environment, be recognized as a first-choice university, and continue to be respected for its legacy as a land-grant, doctoral, higher research, historically black university, the new branding platform and communications must do the following:
  • Define the A&T experience
  • Overcome misperceptions regarding the university’s standards
  • Build internal and external relations
  • Support the key goals outlined in A&T Preeminence 2020
  • Promote and leverage the accomplishments of A&T alumni, faculty and students
  • Build on its legacy while promoting research and diversity

The Positioning Statement 

The promise that positions A&T firmly in the eyes of its internal community, as well as in the eyes of external constituents, is the positioning statement:

We are proud. Our history is rich with achievement and tradition. Our university is a place where the dynamic and visionary challenge the status quo. We share a vision of preeminence; using our minds, our research and our passion, we engage the community and create positive, lasting global change. We are better than yesterday but never as good as tomorrow. Because our excellence has no boundaries—and because that’s what AGGIES DO!


Why “AGGIES DO!” and What It Means

Aggies are not passive. We do not conform. We lead, forging ahead on the path less traveled. Our vision is not selfish. We seek a better education, a better life, and a better way for communities both local and global. We make things happen because we persevere. And we never stop striving for excellence. “AGGIES DO!” is our call to action that captures the essence of A&T and what it means to be a member of its proud community. Simply put, “AGGIES DO!” embraces all who embrace it.