Procurement How To:

For Shoppers:

A Shopper is a person that can create a cart in AggieMart but does not have access to the Banner Finance fund, but will assign the cart to a Requsitioner to complete and validate the financial transaction. For example, the original shopper may select the items, but the cart assignee (requsitioner) is needed to enter the appropriate accounting codes.

In order to become a Shopper, you must:

For Requsitioners:

A Requsitioner is a person that can create a cart in AggieMart and has access to the Banner Finance fund, and enter the appropriate accounting codes for submission to an approver.

In order to become a Requsitioner, you must first:

For Approvers:

An Approver is a person that has been granted access to approve requisitions from a department level, area level, or functional level. This person is granting permission to allow the cart to be delivered to the vendor to fulfill the order.

In order to become an Approver, you must first:

  • Complete the online Banner Finance Training
  • Once you have received your Banner Access Profile you may move forward with registering for the online AggieMart Approver Training.
    • You will receive an email once approved to take the online training.
  • Once the modules are complete, you will receive an email which includes your credentials for AggieMart Access


  • Log into AggieMart
  • Enter the Purchase Order Number you are receiving into the search bar and click the magnifying glass.
  • The quick search box should appear with the purchase order number and requisition, and any other documents associated with this PO.
  • Click on the Purchase Order
  • Click on the Receipts Tab
  • Click on the Available Actions drop down box arrow
  • Click Create Quantity Receipt (for quantity orders)
  • Click Create Cost Receipt (for cost orders)
  • At the Receipt Line screen, the total amount to be received will automatically default in the Quantity boxes. You will change the amount (if needed) by entering the actual Quantity received for each line you are receiving.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Check the box(s) for those lines items that you are not receiving and click Go or enter a zero in the Quantity box(s) for each line you are not receiving.
  • Click Complete to Receive the line items
  • AggieMart will generate a Receipt No. which is now associated with the PO No.
  • Click on the PO No. to see the settlement status for your Purchase Order.

  • Log into WORKS
  • Click on REPORTS
  • Click on CREATE
  • “Category” is SPEND
  • “Template” go to the bottom “Choose from all available templates” click on this
  • Then click on COMPANY BILLING STATEMENT then click OK
  • Scroll down to FILTERS
  • Click on the magnifying glass the select your name click OK
  • Click on the calendar and choose “Previous cycle” click OK
  • Then scroll down and click on “SUBMIT REPORT” then your report will generate and then you can download the report and print it out.

  • Log into WORKS
  • Select Reports
  •  Select - CREATE
            CATEGORY - Spend            TEMPLATE  - Report Reconciliation 
  • Scroll down to REPORT OPTIONS   ⃝ Basic     ⃝ ADVANCED  chose – ADVANCED
  • Scroll down to      □Filters
    • (for PROXY’S) Add Column -  Filter - CARD
      • Click on magnifying glass
      •  Select cardholder for the report that you want to generate
      •  Click OK
  • ALL - Click on Post Date Calendar
  •  Select – Previous Cycle
  •  Click OK
  • Scroll down to - Output Options
  • Add Signature Line to - HEADER  - FOOTER  
  • Choose – FOOTER 
  • Scroll to bottom and click on SUBMIT REPORT
STARTING OCT 5TH 2020 must be submitted by emailing to

  • If you would like to have this report automatically generate for you every month, before you click on SUBMIT REPORT scroll down to RECURING and select EVERY MONTH on _______________ AT _______ (select a day after the 24th of the month that you would like the report to generate and the time.)
For Example: Every Month on the ____26th_____   at __4:00am

When you are ready to print the report;

  • Log into WORKS
  • Select – REPORTS
  • Select – COMPLETED

Your report will be the new report with the large green check.

  • Select and click the PDF and OPEN and print your report.     

  • Scan your receipts and save them to your desk top one at a time.
  • Log into WORKS
  • Click on Pending Transactions under Action Items
  • Select the transaction for the receipt that you are working with.
  • Click beside the transaction number on the dropdown arrow
  • Click on Allocate / Edit (here you will want to change any FOAP information that needs to be corrected.) To do so you will first remove the FOAP information that populates and then Click in the box for the Fund number, then Click on the “SEE MORE” and it will display all of the Fund numbers that you have access to. Click on the fund that you would like to use to pay for the selected charge.  Then tab over and do the same for the rest of the boxes. (Fund, Org. , Acct, Prg., and Bank.)
  • Click on Save
  • Click on Close
  • Click beside the transaction number again on the dropdown arrow
  • Click on Manage Receipts
  • Click on Add
  • Click on New Receipt
  • Click on Browse and find the receipt on your desktop
  • Click Open
  • Enter the date of the receipt in date field
  • Enter description information about the purchase in the description field.
  • Click on Save. This will change the Receipt icon from no to yes.
Now to Sign off
  • Select the transaction for the receipt that you are working with.
  • Click the dropdown arrow beside the transaction and click on Sign off.  A comments box will then open up this is where you will enter the business purpose for the transaction.
  • Click OK.

Your transaction should disappear from your pending transaction page.

  • Log into WORKS
  • Under your ACTION items, if you have made any charges you will see the word Pending.
  • Click on Pending (your charges will pop up)
  • Select the charge that you want to sign off by clicking beside the transaction (TXN number) there is a dropdown arrow to the right side of this number.
  • Click on the dropdown arrow
  • Click on (Allocate / Edit)
  • Go to the box for the FOAP (Fund, Org., Acct, and Program) and delete the FOAP information all the way across the form.
  • Go back to the fund box and click in it. You will then see the word below “SEE MORE”
  • Click on SEE MORE and it will have the listing of all of your funds that you have access to.
  • Click on the Fund that you would like to pay this transaction with.
  • The tab over to the Org and you will see the Org. that is associated with the funding source.
  • Click on the Org.
  • Tab over to the Acct number box and select the correct account number for the item that you have purchased.
  • Tab over to the Prg. Box and then to the Bank box and choose the bank.
    • Make sure that you have all green checks and no red x’s this means that the FOAP is correct.
  • Click on SAVE
  • Click on CLOSE
  • Click on the dropdown arrow again
  • Click on Manage Receipts
    • Review the How To for adding Receipts