Hourly Student Employment

Applies to all students paid via 1450 (undergraduate) and 1451 (graduate) budget funding who perform paid services to the University with the exception of Federal Work Study Students.

In order to work on campus as a student employee, the student must be enrolled in at least one class during the semester in which the student is requesting to work. If a student employee withdraws from the University, he/she must cease working on the actual date of the official withdrawal. 

Consistent with established State and Federal employment guidelines, North Carolina A&T is committed to providing meaningful employment opportunities to its student population. The Office of Staffing Services in the Division of Human Resources is responsible for monitoring the hiring process. All student positions should be advertised in AggieLink. To create a posting, contact the Office of Career Services to obtain credentials. All hiring managers/department heads/supervisors shall comply with the guidelines contained herein and maintain fair and equitable standards in all hiring decisions. Additionally, students working more than 5 hrs a day must have a thirty-minute break. 

The student’s first responsibility and priority is their academic success. Therefore, students cannot work more than 20 hours a week during fall and spring semesters, and are not permitted to work during class time. Students are allowed to work a maximum of 40 hours a week for Summer Employment (residential and non-residential). However, students are not permitted to work during class time during the summer if the student is enrolled in summer session classes. The same guidelines stated above apply to foreign national students with the exception of summer enrollment. A foreign national student maintaining enrollment during the summer is limited to 20 hours per week for employment. Students are not allowed to work when the University is officially closed. 

A student employee is required to report to the Office of Staffing Services in the Division of Human Resources on or before the 1st day of work. Key information is verified with each student employee:

  • Confirmation of Student Employment Application;
  • The Federal Immigration Service Employment Eligibility Verification Form (Form I-9);
  • W-4 Federal and NC-4 Tax Withholding Forms;
  • Pay Schedule and Issuance of Pay Check;
  • Web Time Entry Procedures;
  • Direct Deposit information;
  • Graduate Assistantship Contract. 

The hiring department must complete the HR-Student Hourly Employment Form and obtain authorized departmental signatures, making sure to complete Sections I, II, and III. The form is then submitted to the Division of Human Resources for processing at least 10 working days ahead of the student's first day of work. Section IV will be completed by the Office of Staffing Services and Section V will be completed by the Budget and Planning Office or Contracts and Grants Administration. The recommended student MUST complete the Form I-9 and other employment forms in the Staffing Services Office on or before the 1st day of work.

Upon approval of the request, authorized copies will be disseminated as follows:

  • Original Copy of Form to the Budget Office or Contracts and Grants;
  • Copy to the Hiring Manager; and
  • Copy retained in Human Resources