Labor Distributions

Current/Funding Changes

The Funding Change ePAF is an HR action type that allows a department to communicate, route, review, and approve an adjustment to labor distributions.  It grants permission for a department to change the funding source that an employee is being paid from for any current and future funding changes, omitting retroactive funding changes.

A department may submit an ePAF for a funding change except for when the funding change is being driven by an HR action such as a temporary increase, a promotion, or reclassification, etc.

The Query date will be based on the greater of the following dates:

  • First day of the fiscal year,
  • Job Effective Date (the start date that the change should take effect).




Review, approve, or return the labor distribution

Job Begin Date

Begin date that the employee was first assigned to this position

Effective Date

The start date that the funding change action will go into effect for payroll activities

Personnel Date

The actual date that the funding change action should/did take place

Annual Salary

Annual salary that the employee is currently receiving (Base salary)



Labor redistributions are funding changes that need to be applied to a completed pay event, meaning a funding source that has already been paid.  At this time, in order to redistribute a labor distribution, this action must be coordinated with the payroll office.