Request Time Off

The Request Time Off functionality allows employees to request leave time in advance.  When an employee selects Request Time Off, the system displays the Leave Request Selection page where the employee can select the position for which leave is being requested and the pay period in which they want to take the requested time off. Only positions for which a pay period has not been opened for entry are listed.

After an employee submits the leave request and it is submitted and approved by a supervisor, it is then saved until the start of the pay period for which the leave has been requested. Once the leave report for that same period has been opened, the leave request will then copy itself into the leave report.

If an employee desires to change the leave that was first entered and approved on the leave request after the leave report has been opened, the employee has the opportunity to make these changes on the leave report.


  1. Log into Aggie Access Employee Dashboard 
  2. Enter your NCAT OneID User Name and Password in the appropriate field of the Secure Access Login box.
  3. Click on the “Sign In” button.
  4. From your Employee Dashboard, under “My Activities”, click on Request Time Off.
  5. Under the Leave Request Tab, select the period in which you would like to request time off. The Leave Request Selection page will be displayed.
  6. Click on the pay period that you wish to enter your requested leave. You can only enter leave requests in pay periods that have the following status: Not Started and/or In Progress. A leave request with the following statuses cannot be used: Pending, Approved, or Completed.
  7. Once the pay period has been selected, it is displayed in a calendar form.
  8. Click on the Earn Code dropdown menu to select the type of leave that you are requesting. If you are selecting one or more different types of leave for one day, click on +Add Earn Code.
  9. Enter in the Hours.
  10. Requested time should be entered for all Earning Codes that apply. Only those Earning Codes that are valid for the employee’s position will appear.
  11. To navigate through the dates within the period click on either the left or right arrow displayed on the calendar week.
  12. To add multiple leave types click on +Add Earn Code.
  13. Click the Save button to save all changes.
  • Click on the “Pencil” icon to edit any earn code entry
  • Click on the “Copy” icon to copy days hours entered for a day into other days within the same pay period
  • Click on the “Minus” icon to remove an entry
  1. If your leave request is complete and ready to be submitted to your Approver, click Preview.
  2. Once the Leave Request has been submitted, you can recall the leave request if it has not been approved. Click on Recall Leave Request down below in the bottom right-hand corner. Preview and Submit the Leave Request again.
  1. After your Leave Request is approved, the hours will be copied automatically to your Leave Report for the same pay period. 


Click Here to View Request Time Off for Monthly Employees Video

Click Here to View Request Time Off for Bi-Weekly Employees Video



Note: If your leave request is in a Returned for Correction status after your leave report for that same pay period has been opened, it will not copy onto your leave report for that period. You must select a leave request period for a period in which the leave report has not already been started/opened.