Submit a Leave Report

  • From your Employee Dashboard, under “My Activities”, click on Enter Leave Report. On the Leave Report Screen you will see your Job Title, Position Number, Department Org code and department name.
  • Under the Leave Report Tab, select the period in which you would like to complete. The Leave Report Selection page will be displayed.
  • Click on the Leave Report pay period that you wish to enter hours worked. You can only select leave reports in pay periods that have the following status: Not Started, In Progress, or Returned (indicating Returned for Correction).
  • Once the pay period has been selected, it is displayed in a calendar form.
  • To select the appropriate work and leave category, pull down from the Earn Code menu selection to display the work and leave categories. If you are selecting one or more different types of hours for one day, click on +Add Earn Code.
  • Enter in the Hours for each day within the pay period. To advance to the next week in the period, use the right arrow “>” and the following week will appear.
  • Click on the “Pencil” icon to edit any earn code entry
  • Click on the “Copy” icon to copy hours entered for a day into other days within the same pay period, say I worked 8 hours on Monday then I can copy those 8 hours on Monday to the rest of the 13 days in the pay period
  • Click on the “Minus” icon to delete an entry
  • Click the Save button to save all changes.
  • Click on The Weekly Summary will display the totals for each week. Add any comments, if necessary. To certify and submit your leave report CHECK the box next to the certification statement.
  • Click on Submit. Upon submission, your leave report status will change from ‘In Progress’ to ‘Pending’.
  • Once the Leave Report has been submitted, you can recall the leave report if it has not been approved. Click on Recall Leave Report down below in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • To return to the Leave Report Selection page, you may click on Exit Page down below in the left-hand corner.
  • To return to the Employee Dashboard at any time, you can click on the Employee Dashboard link located in the upper left-hand corner.

For Monthly(MN) Leave Reporting Employees:

  • From the Earn Code dropdown selection menu to select Leave Report Certification.
  • Select the first day of the month and enter in “1” for the number of Hours.
    • MN Leave Reporting Employees only enter hours for requested time off on their leave report. MN Leave Reporting Employees do not enter in 8 hours daily.
  • Proceed with the remaining steps 6-15 of submitting your leave report.


Click Here to View Submitting a Monthly Leave Report Video

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